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Nothing much to blog about

Two weeks ago I didn’t write anything for my #idevblogaday entry. There were two non-reasons for that: for starters, it had been my birthday and I thought I deserved a “break”. For seconds, I didn’t know what to write about, as I hadn’t been doing much coding progress, nor discovered any new programming tips.

The problem is, I was just about to do it again. No birthday, this time, but still nothing much to write about.

I’ve been a bit out of shape this year. The two new apps I launched in January and beginning of February were commercial failures, although IMHO they were interesting, polished and quite reasonably priced(one was free, another was $1). Want to know their names? QuickPins and TinyJournal . Quite the demotivator to see that the app that you’ve worked for for weeks and thought is worth thousands if not more, is not even selling one coffee cup per day. It happens, nothing to feel bad about.

I’ve also been keeping busy learning more about visual representations, learning a bit more of OpenGL and toying with the Processing programming environment, which I find to be a quite interesting prototyping tool for visual apps. Sure, what I’d actually love for prototyping would be an interactive instant-result IDE such as the one that Bret Victor was displaying in his now famous CUSEC 2012 talk. Needless to say, his video changed quite a lot the way I feel about programming and made me realize that I’ve been doing it wrong  – and that I need a new tool – too bad it doesn’t exist, for me at least.

Anyways, that’s about it for my programming life lately. Like I said, nothing much happened in the last month. I very much hope things will be different in the next fortnight.


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