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Changes to the blog

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Once a year or so, I get the urge to change something  major. You might remember my similar attempts to refresh my blog(s) in the past, so this shouldn’t come as a too big surprise for you:

Here it is:

am from now on merging my existing blogs into the same one. Let it be “”. So, from now on (and until the domain registration expires), and will both redirect to . I might continue to use as a url shortener service, but that’s about it.

Also, both blog feeds will point to the same source; I would actually prefer that you unsubscribed from the later and subscribe to the first one(the one without the com suffix).

Why the change?

I initially started back in 2004 to continue my blog and become my online identity. A couple of years later, domain squatters registered trying to profit from the incoming google traffic. So, when I got, I decided to hold onto it and turn it into my programmer’s blog, written in English for my international readers.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I discover that blogging, a daily pleasure a few years back, has become a chore for me. After lots of pondering and self analyzing, I came to the conclusion that one of the reasons for this was the artificial separation between Romanian and English posts, between casual blogging and specialized(programming) one.

Hence the solution you see before you: I am now merging all these into a single blog, just as it should be. Just like @alexbrie has become my main Twitter identity, will become my online one. I probably should have chosen for this, but I want the domain name  change to reflect the language change as well:

From now on, I’ll try to only blog in English.

Yep, English. Not because I wouldn’t care for my native tongue, Romanian, but because of my belief that we are all children of the same planet and we should try to use the most popular language to understand each other. Easy as that.

Not exactly. I also intend to change the blogging platform and move away from WordPress. I have been toying with nanoc, a static website generator, in the past half year and would love to start using it instead of the php+mysql WordPress. I want, however, to take a bit of time with it and migrate as many of the previous existing posts to it before making any more radical changes.


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