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Clash Of Clans: Generating More Resources

Clash of clans is one of the most popular MMORPG that you can find today. There are thousands of player regularly frequenting its shores. It has become a huge success and a role model for other games who plan on accomplishing the same. We bring you this article to focus on one certain aspect of the game, one that has been in many discussions everywhere. And that is the in-game resources. But let us take a detour, we have been moving too fast. For those of you who are not yet familiar with the game, Clash of Clans is a strategy game in which you are to build your own empire. And you are handed different tools too. You have your own resources which you can use to make anything you need. From armies to granaries, anything that you need to make your empire grow. All that you have to do is to rule like a king over your land. You must, protect your kingdom from invasions, attack new territories and take over neighboring kingdoms, and conserve and judiciously use your resources. You might employ the help of your clan members to assist you in gaining the upper hand in the combat.

The resources you possess:
The resources that you have are of a particular importance. They are handy when you need to generate a fraction of army or food for the kingdom. You must learn the correct value and use of each of them. Some of them are more precious than the others in the sense that they help you achieve better goals and take more time to regrow. This is one of the primary reasons as to why it is said that you should use the resources carefully and judiciously. Going over the top with it might result in you losing them too soon and not having enough in the later, more important stages of the game. There are four resources in the game, they are gold, elixir, dark elixir and jewels. All of them are used differently and for different purposes. At any stage of the game, you must be in possession of any of these four jewels to make any sort of expenditure. If you do not do that then you must spend actual currency to purchase and use them should an emergency arise. Conversely, you can also use this link. And this will help you to generate as much you need of a resource at the time.

Now, as you are familiar with the games and the resources that are required, we can proceed to the gameplay. It is equally important to know what the game is about. You have to act in the best interests of your clan, manage your resources and make sure that every household is kept satisfied. You can also attack your own clan members and gain their resources. But the competition is majorly between the players as to who controls the maximum territory and resources. Thus, advance your village to the maximum, whoever manages to gain the highest number of resources and land under control is generally at the top of the list. This website comes in to lend you a helping hand. You can earn resources at a faster rate and make sure that you get the upper hand in the gameplay. The concept of clans also come in where you come up against an enemy who is too strong for you, you can join hands with your clan members and defeat the enemy. It helps you to protect your village against invaders. If more than 50% of your village gets destroyed then you lose the battle.

The role that currencies play in the mix:
The different currencies are used in different ways, they each have their own functions to complete. While you can use gold and elixirs to protect yourself against enemies, you use the jewels for a faster and better gameplay. Possessing them is not a necessary condition. You can play the game without them too but then the pace of the game will be really slow, you would have to make good time for every advance that you make. The speed up process will not work and thus, you will have to wait for the time period that is shown in the menu. That can be rewarding but also frustrating at the same time. So why not speed up things? Especially when it is in your hands to do so. If you visit the site, you would come across links that will help you to increase your resources. And increased resources directly translate to increased performance. So why not take the full utility of the game? Why stay limited and chasing after victory with meager resources? You now have the option to go all out and make the most of your situation.

How the platform works:
There is not much that is asked of you here. All that you have to do is provide your username. You must know that the username for every user is different than the others. Once you enter your username, you will be taken to a resources page and on that page, you will have to enter the number of resources in the quantity that you want to be increased. Once you have completed these formalities, you will be taken to a page that will ask you to enter the numbers to which you want your resources increased too. After completing these steps, when you restart your game, you will find that you have the increased resources. And this process can be repeated for as many times as you want. There is no limit on it. However there is a precaution that you must take, and that is never to give out your password. Know, that the site never asks for your password. The platform is completely safe and does not interfere with your gameplay, it is untraceable and thus you will not be fined by the platform for using it.

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