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Finding the Best Dashboard Camera for Your Truck


What is a dashboard camera and what does it do?

These are cameras which are also known as dash cams or car cameras which you can detach on your car or a truck dashboard so that it can record almost everything on your way. They are very useful particularly in recording accident scenarios and providing reliable information. They are becoming more popular each and every day because they have proven to be quite reliable in many ways. There are many manufacturers who are making dashboard cameras thus making them available in different models and specifications.

Looking for a dash board camera can be quite challenging bearing in mind that there are many models in the market with different specifications and designs. The most important thing is that they are available depending on your budget so it is quite easy to get one without too much trouble. You should make camera review sites your companions so that you can be aware of the camera that can suit your needs in the best way. You can for instance check entitle books blogpost for more information concerning trucks dashcams. Such sites provide detailed information on camera reviews that can be of great use in guiding you to get a reliable camera.

Camera reviews as outlined in most review sites give varying information about technical details and others go to an extent of offering sample videos that explain in detail how certain models work. Reviews are updated now and then depending on emergence of newer models or added feature on the already existing ones. Let us look at some of the features you should look out for when it comes to getting the best camera for your truck.

How to get the best dashcams for your truck

As stated earlier, getting a suitable dashboard camera for your truck can prove to be quite challenging, especially if you are not conversant with the technical terms. The following is a list of features you should look out for when getting a camera.

Video resolution

For any type of functional camera, video resolution is one of the most important features that you can look out for when it comes to getting a camera that you intend to get reliable videos from. It gets better with time because of the type of technological advancements we are experiencing each and every other day. The video resolutions are increasingly improving and as for now the most standard video resolution is that of 1080p which is also known to as the full HD. Any camera below that resolution may not be as reliable as you may expect it to be.

Higher video resolution cameras provide better pictures and videos any time of the day. A 1080p camera is recommended if you are a night travelling person because it is as well capable of producing quality videos even at night.

Single or Dual Channel

This is one of the decisions you should ponder around before getting a dash camera for your truck. You have to decide on whether you need a camera that records forward through the windshield only or that which record on both front and rear which is the dual channel camera. For the rear camera, it can either face back onto the interior of the car, or look through the rear window and record the road behind your car is moving from.

Dual channel cameras tend to cost more compared to single channel cameras due to the complexity of processing two videos simultaneously. They are available in both cheap models and high-end models. Cheap models will however not guarantee you the best of the results, so you should therefore invest in a high-end camera which will give you exactly what you need.

Night video quality

It is no doubt that most truck owners would like to invest in a dash camera that has the capability of producing quality videos even at night, especially if they are mostly in transit during night times as well. Just as it happens during the day, there are many events that are likely to happen during the night as well and there is no better way to record the happenings other than using a reliable camera that can work perfectly at night. The average and high-end cameras are separated by their ability to capture good quality videos at night. A 1080p resolution camera is a reliable option when it comes to such scenarios.


A G-sensor is a very useful feature that you should look out for when getting a dash camera. It is triggered by a g-force event such as a sudden braking maneuver. When such a scenario happens, the G-sensor automatically marks the current footage for safe storage, such that it cannot be accidentally deleted by the loop recording.

Parking Mode

A truck with a dashboard camera which has a parking mode is very useful. This is because it in case someone damages your truck in your absence, the camera will automatically come to life and start recording. That way, when you get back you can be able to see the culprit who hit or damaged our car or truck for that matter. It is important to note that dash cams take time to wake up and therefore you should invest in a device with buffered parking mode so that it can automatically record the time of the incident. Buffered parking mode allows the dash board camera to record continuously for the entire time you’ve parked but the footage can only be saved in the storage memory if an event is detected for example by the G-sensor.


There are many more features to look out for when getting a dashboard camera, and most review sites have simplified that work for you. You can check entitle books blogpost site for so much more information concerning dashboard cameras reviews. You can get all the information you need there without getting mixed up on various models, specifications and cost.

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