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How To Pass A Drug Test

This topic has always been a challenge and a headache for drug users such as cannabis smokers especially when working under an employer who has recently introduced a human resource policy that requires the performing of drug tests periodically, randomly or even pre-employment and you need to ace that interview. So in order to stay away from trouble and always have the fear that your employer may fire you if you fail the test then you need to equip yourself in a way that will ensure that you pass the test. You can no longer gamble the card whereby you carry along fake urine or urine borrowed from a co-worker to help pass this test because that trick is old gone and employers have figured this out. They have now introduced the observed urine test where you take it by the supervision of a physician. Not to forget that the test can be taken from other biological specimens such as blood or hair.

With these new development, comes with it better solutions that can help a smoker play down the test and be able to prosper in their career. This article will discuss various ways that a person can conduct a body detoxification depending on their needs and current situation. This involves whether the drug test is done periodically over a long time and you have the time to prepare and detoxify your body or whether it is random and it needs to be done even the following day. It will also consider people that are allergic to chemical ways of detoxification and prefer to approach it in a more natural way. You can read about different types of detoxification on


This involves changing of lifestyle habits using means such as exercise and looking at a person’s dieting habits for instance one can undertake to have a fast for a day or two while eating only fruits and vegetables to ensure that all the toxins have been flushed away. It is making use of the raw ingredients in your kitchen such as apples, lemon and ginger to create a freshly squeezed juice that is taken to detoxify the body while drinking water on the side to keep the body hydrated. This helps the liver which automatically detoxifies the body and helps it run normally because when it is affected it becomes sluggish and slow and therefore causes a slow metabolism and puffiness in the body.

Another way to naturally detoxify the body is the use of exercise and mostly the rigorous ones such as swimming, running and push ups that will ensure you sweat well enough to expel the toxins that are in the body. The exercise also works to rejuvenate the organs of the body. The other important part is the elimination of toxic oils and commercial juices from the meal as it carries with it fructose which may cause chronic inflammation and therefore should be substituted by oils such as coconut oils and freshly squeezed juices.

Finally it is very important to maintain an adequate time for sleep which ensures rejuvenation of the brain that will then send impulses to the body so that it can automatically detoxify itself.


Marijuana usually takes the longest to come out of the system and can take up to months before it can be flushed out naturally and therefore marijuana smokers who do it in areas where it has not been legalised need to have a way out when it comes to drug testing. Therefore the option of detox drinks is mostly used for people who want to pass a random drug test that is given and the person has no time to plan for it. This is because essentially the detox drink does not really flush out the toxins from the body what it does is hide the metabolites so that they are unable to be detected.

For example when someone smokes cannabis they inhale it into the body and is converted to metabolites by the body and it enters the bladder. In case no pre caution is taken the person will definitely fail the test. However an important point to note is that the detox drink can only be effective for up to four or five hours from the time it is taken allowing you to get a sample for the test. For more information on such drinks and their proper use you can look at Therefore many people are wrong to take it days before the test as it does not flush the toxins away but just works to mask them so that they go undetected.


These are pills that are ingested in the body so that they can be able to flush out the toxins and enable you pass the drug test. However all it does is accelerate the natural process of detoxification that is usually done by the body. It cannot help at the eleventh hour and needs to be taken over a period of time. The good thing is that they can be bought in bulk and stored for a rainy day while also it can be used every day like dietary supplements. The pills also come with ingredients that are very healthy without much manufacture and therefore can be used by anyone.

This article above has just highlighted some of the challenges that smokers may face even in their places of work where drugs are not encouraged and are seen as an immoral scourge. Therefore people need to have ways in which they can escape this trap of drug tests that can ruin their careers because of how they choose to live their lives. It has given people options of how to detoxify their bodies in terms of what works for them and their circumstances such as when the duration of the drug test will occur. It outlines various ways such as natural means of detoxification, detox drinks and detox pills depending on preference and needs.

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