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Steps to follow after a racking storage accident

Rack accidents are very normal but they should not happen often. Racking accidents might include collapsing and other incidences. When an accident concerning your storage racking occurs, you should at least know the steps to follow or how to go about it. When a rack falls or, for example, you might think that there was war or it may seem like a war zone. Apart from just looking like a war zone, the mess caused by a rack accident can be catastrophic. This is because it might cause injuries to workers and also cost their lives in some circumstances. This is because the racks are mostly metallic. Now you can just imagine if it happens that one collapse on an employee. Due to the damages that can possibly be caused by the rack accident, it is advisable that one take precautions before installing a storage racking. Also, the owner of the business should always make sure that there is inspection done regularly on the business. This is to curb any possible accidents that might occur due to ignorance. There are steps that you must make sure to follow in case you have a rack accident, below are some of the steps to take

Make sure to report the accident

If at all accidents happen in a business or any place with a racking storage system, it is advisable that you take the first step which is necessary. The first step to follow is always to report the accident with an immediate effect. Reporting can be a wise step because it can be a lifesaver as well. If there are people involved in accidents, reporting can be essential in saving their lives. Always have a clear reporting system or a well-communicated report in case such incidents occur. Apart from just having a reporting system within the company, the companies should have a comfortable zone created for workers to freely communicate or report such incidences.

Do some investigations

As the manager, after receiving an accident report, you should always go ahead to do some investigations concerning the accident. You should follow procedural steps when dealing with such cases. Make sure that you have consulted with your employees who were at the site at that moment. If at all there were injuries or anyone who got hurt, make an effort to see that they are rushed to a hospital. Always ensure that your workers are attended to before anything else. Check clearly around to determine the level of damage that has been reported at that particular place. Always make sure that you put your workers’ safety first above all. Always advice your workers who are at work to take precaution. Communicate with your management team. Make sure that the damages are contained and that repair is done. Always have a report about the incident and keep the record. Apart from just keeping the record, make sure that you hire a rack inspection team to further check your racking system. This can be very helpful especially when it comes to reducing even more accidents.

What you can do afterward

After you have contained the accident, you must make sure to avoid such things from happening again in the future. Therefore, you can always choose to hire a rack inspection officer or person regularly. This will be very essential in knowing if the rack storage system is in good condition or not. It will also be helpful when it comes to helping solve accident problem if it happens. Apart from just conducting an inspection, you should go ahead and make sure that all the racks at your business place are well installed and that are in good condition. This should be done after the inspection because it is only the inspection procedure that can easily tell what rack is not in the right situation and condition. That is not enough, you can go ahead and offer some training to the workers. There are organizations that train on rack storage safety measures. You should at least invite them even once in a while just to make sure that your employees know what they should do in a case such incidences happen. When you train them, they will definitely know if a rack storage system is in good condition or not. Also, it will be very helpful for the workers to know how to stay safe all the time especially when they are working. You can always consult to get a clear head on what you should really do in case an accident occurs again. Do not ever forget to get your rack storage system investigated or supervised all the time this is to keep both the employees safe and also you.


There is no business that prays for a rack accident to happen. But if it happens, you must know how to go about it. Accidents do happen all the time but they should not happen regularly if at all the business owner is keen especially with the rack system starting from the time that the rack was installed. When installing the rack system at your business, you should always try to have the safety of your employees at heart, you must make sure that their safety comes first. If you do that, you will invest in a company or a rack solution that is reputable and does good work.

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