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What are the parts of an acoustic guitar? Are there best guitars?

Music is one of the best artistic expressions created in the history of humanity, since it is able to create a very positive effect on the brain of people just by listening to the melodies. Guitars are a fundamental part of the creation of current music, having a great impact on the most popular genres in the world.

In this sense, guitars have existed for a large number of years, and many of the most recognized bands in the world have had guitarists as fundamental members. It is for this reason that it is necessary to know how this instrument for music is made.

It is important to note that the quality of a guitar depends on the quality of its parts, the quality of the material used and how much effort was put into the construction of the guitar. It is for this reason that the costs of acoustic guitars are usually very high, so it is recommended to visit pages like to find the best prices.

Then, below are the parts that make up an acoustic guitar or classical guitar:

  • Guitar body: this is the fundamental part of the guitar, since it represents the structure of the guitar. In essence it is a top cover, a bottom cover and the sides. It is the part responsible for amplifying the sounds produced by the vibration of the strings.
  • Guitar Bridge: this is an elongated piece placed on the top cover of the body where the strings of the guitar are placed before being tensed in the pegboard.
  • The pegboard: this is the piece of the guitar where the ends of the strings are placed in order to be able to tighten them and achieve the necessary tuning to play the instrument.
  • Guitar trunk: this is an elongated piece of wood that is attached to the body of the guitar. In this piece is the fingerboard, that is to say, the small divisions that represent the musical notes.

As stated earlier, the quality of each guitar depends on the quality of each of its parts. It is important to clarify the fact that depending on the shape of the body of the guitar you can get different sounds, which are used for different musical genres.

It is for this reason that you should look for reviews when buying a guitar. To achieve this goal you should visit pages specialized in the subject that offer relevant information about the best guitars, their quality, what kind of sound generates and much more important the cost of the instrument. Pages like are ideal for this work.

How to get the best acoustic guitar?

One of the most common questions regarding guitars is: how can you find the best guitar for me? The answer will depend on several factors that must be considered when buying the instrument.

First of all, the guitar manufacturer must be considered, since the quality depends to a large extent on this. Not every company can make a good guitar, due to the fact that it takes a lot of dedication and a lot of commitment to get the guitar to have the sound you want.

On the other hand you should always consider the material of the guitar. It is incredible the effect that the wood has on these instruments, since different types of wood generate different types of sounds in this particular instrument. The most recommendable thing is to obtain a resistant and durable wooden guitar, capable of generating a good amplification of the vibrations of the string.

If you are buying the instrument in a physical store, the best thing to do is to try the guitar first, and thus know what sound it produces more accurately. On the other hand, if you buy the guitar through online stores it is best to seek the opinions of people who have bought the guitar before.

Pages like offer you the best guitars at the best prices, while they show you basic information so you can determine which one you want to buy.

Solid or laminated guitars?

Before making a comparison between both materials it is necessary to know what each type of material is:

  • Solid wood: all those types of wood of good quality that goes through a machining process to create the guitar. Due to its quality it is usually a more expensive material for guitars.
  • Laminated wood: this is a much cheaper type of wood, since it represents a sheet of wood composed of several layers in one direction, which causes it to be a little more fragile.

Knowing this, it can be said that guitars built in solid wood are usually much better than those built from laminated wood. The problem lies in the cost, since solid wood is much more expensive and much more difficult to manufacture.

In this sense, a solution was created for this problem. Companies specialized in the manufacture of guitars make these instruments with the body or soundboard of solid wood, while the rest of the parts are manufactured with laminated wood. This combination achieves a very good sound and at the same time reduces costs enormously.

This happens due to the fact that 80% of the sound of a guitar is produced in the body of the guitar; having that with solid wood the sound is many times better than with laminated wood. Then, in this way you can find the most economical guitars, which appear on pages like

There are many factors to consider when buying a guitar, which is why it is advisable to seek the opinion of people who have experience in the subject so you can get the guitar of your dreams at a good price.

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