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What You Must Do To Keep Your Carpet Clean

Carpeting is an expensive project which you will not want to be part of your budget on a yearly basis. This can only be achieved if you are able to cultivate the culture of cleaning the carpet. It is never a stroll in the park exercise; it will require serious dedication from you, like the one that is obtained from the likes of cleaning companies in Centennial Hills Las Vegas.

There are creative ways to carry out the cleaning in a way that will not affect the carpet; thereby removing the dust/stain and availing your carpet the opportunity to regain its new shine after every cleaning exercise. Here are some of the best practices that you can adopt:

Vacuum It Regularly

Dirt and debris find their way into the carpet easily. It is advised that you vacuum regularly. If you want the best results; then carry out the vacuuming exercise on a daily basis if you desire the trendiest results that will ever come your way. Before each of the vacuuming routine, make sure you sprinkle baking soda on the carpet so that the odor from your carpet will smell good. When you get to some sites, they will advise the cleaning should be carried out once in a week; but for the trendiest results, cleaning every day will make the carpet last you forever!

What Should Be Your Attitude To Stains

Immediately there is a spill on the carpet that leads to stains, you are to address it immediately you notice it so as to prevent the substance from setting in. Simply apply your chosen cleaner that is green friendly to the spill and carries out the cleaning of the spot. Continue the process until you have gotten rid of the spot. Take note of the following while cleaning the stain off your carpet:

  • Use a white or neutral colored towel to clean the stain if you are to avoid dying the carpet.
  • If you want to opt out of a chemical based cleaner, then you can do with a combination of club soda and vinegar. Mix equal parts of both and add to the stain.

The Take On Professional Cleaning

If you really wanted the creative best that will prolong the lifespan of your carpet; then you are to occasionally involve the services of the professionals. Agreed, it will involve some money, it is a price that you have to pay at least twice a year if you want the best for your carpet. However, make sure you are employing the real professionals in the caliber of Centennial Hills Las Vegas carpet cleaning companies if you want the best out of the professional cleaning exercise.

Let us consider preventive measures that you can adapt to take care of your carpet.

The Use Of Rugs And Runners

When there is a spill on the carpet, it will take extra effort to get the spill off. If you are not around and the spill has gotten deep into the carpet before you note it; then the ruin will be permanent. There is a way to prevent this. You know the areas prone to spillage in your living apartment; simply cover those areas with rugs and runners that will absorb the spill. This is a creative way of saving the life of your carpet.

Train Your Pet

The contact of the urine of your carpet will ruin the carpet. The smell of the urine is something that will be too hot to handle if you do not put in preventive measures that will stop your pet from urinating on the carpet. Train your pet to urinate outdoors. You can as well apply repellants on your carpet to effectively mask the smell of the urine. You can get commercial repellants or get one gotten from the mixture of white vinegar, lemon juice and rubbing alcohol.

Your Shoes

Another great way to prevent issues on your carpet is your shoes. The sand and dust on the carpet will produce issues on your rug. So, create a space outside at the entrance to your home where you will keep your shoes away from the carpeting. You can as well encourage your guest to do same when they are about entering your home.

That way, you will have control over the sand and dust that enters into your home. This is to enhance the lifespan of your carpet.

Common Sources Of Stain

Since any form of a stain on your carpet will lead to issues; you can adopt the preventive measure of keeping all the stains away from your carpeting area. Do not bring items like wine, food and other beverages close to the carpet. If you have little children playing around, then find a way of dissuading them from playing around the carpet. You have to bear this at the back of mind that prevention is better than cure.

Avoid Carpet Powders

The duty of the powder is to prevent unwanted scents on the carpet. However, they leave behind the issue of residue on the carpet which can damage the carpet in the long run. Avoid the powder on your carpet. Earlier we mentioned the baking powder; it is the best option that you can fall to get the best results over unpleasant odor. However, if the smell is more than the baking soda can handle, then you can use the powder very sparingly.

Do Not Rub The Stain

Do not rub the stain on your carpet in your attempt to remove it from your carpet. Stick to the blotting motion alone. Rubbing will only end up pushing the stain into the carpet.

Test Cleaners Before Use

There are several cleaners in the market today. The quality of each of them should be tested before you use them; carpet cleaning companies of Centennial Hills Las Vegas are rare to come by and so is the quality that comes with their product. Use the cleaner on a small portion of the carpet to make assurances doubly sure.


The above are measures that you can take to get the creative best from your carpet 24/7.

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